While Loop in C

While loops are a condition-controlled loop, means they continue repeating the statements, until some condition is met. While loop, first checks the condition, if the condition is true then execute the statements. After statement execution, again it tests the condition, if true, repeat the statements. It repeats until the boolean expression is false, if the…

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Loops in C Language

Looping in any programming language is used to repeat a block of code for a given number of times or until a specific result is obtained. Loops are also known as iteration, because of it’s repeating nature. Suppose you have to print your name several times, instead of printing multiple lines, you can use loops…

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Switch Case In C

In this easy C language tutorial, we will learn everything about switch case statement in C programming, how to use and where to use a switch case. Some times, a variable can have more than one values, and each value needs to execute different statements. For example, month is a variable, and the month has…

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If Else Statement in C

The if else statement in c is used to execute statements based on the condition. The if else statement is also known as conditional statement in c. It helps the compiler to execute the instrunction, based on the given condition. It helps the computer in decision making. different forms of conditional statement. if if else…

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Operators in C Language

Operators are symbols, which guide the compiler to perform a specific task on given values. For example +,-,* are operators for the mathematical task. C language has a rich set of operators, we will discuss in detail here. Types of Operators in C C language has different types of Operators for different tasks. Unary Operator…

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Variable and Data Types

data types in c language

In this tutorial we will learn about variable and data types in c language. First we will learn why we need variables in c, and after that about different data types in c language. Now look at the below code, In the above C code, you need to focus on first line of main() function,that…

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Input in C Language

input in c language

In this tutorial we will learn about accepting user input in C Programming. Computers perform three basic task, accept input, process data and print result as output. C language has many in-built functions to accept user input and print some result on output window. In this tutorial we will learn functions, which can be used…

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Escape Sequence in C

escape sequence in c language

Escape Sequence or Escape characters are special characters start with backslash (\) in C Language. Escape sequences are combination of two or more characters within a string to represent a special action. Popular Escape Sequence in C Language. \n To change the line.\t For Tabbed space between two characters or string. Example 1: Both printf()…

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