C File Handling

We have learned lots of things in c programming, accept user input, execute, and print results on the terminal(output) window. But results are not store permanently, to store data for future reference we are using file handling in c language. Now, instead of accepting input and printing results from the terminal, we will use a…

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Structure in C

A structure in c programming is a collection of one or more variables of different types. The structure in c tutorial will teach you how to declare a structure, an array of structure, pointer structure, nested structure and how to access an element of a structure. Structure: Key Points structure can store more than one…

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Function in C

The function in c language tutorial, we will teach you how to declare a function, define function and call function in c programming. Suppose you are creating an application, and you need to repeat some code regularly. Instead of writing, again and again, you can create a function and call it whenever required. What is…

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Pointer in C

The pointer in c language is a variable, which stores address of another variable. Whenever we declare a variable in c, it takes some space in memory and each memory has a unique address in hexadecimal numbers. Pointers : Key Points in C Normal variables stores value, and pointer variable stores address. The pointer in…

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Break and Continue in C

Break and Continue statements are also known as loop control statement. In this c language tutorial, you will learn the use of break and continue to control loop with the help of example. Break in C Language. Suppose you have given the assignment to find a specific number among 1000 numbers. When you find that…

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Variable and Data Types

data types in c language

In this tutorial we will learn about variable and data types in c language. First we will learn why we need variables in c, and after that about different data types in c language. Now look at the below code, In the above C code, you need to focus on first line of main() function,that…

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Input in C Language

input in c language

In this tutorial we will learn about accepting user input in C Programming. Computers perform three basic task, accept input, process data and print result as output. C language has many in-built functions to accept user input and print some result on output window. In this tutorial we will learn functions, which can be used…

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Escape Sequence in C

escape sequence in c language

Escape Sequence or Escape characters are special characters start with backslash (\) in C Language. Escape sequences are combination of two or more characters within a string to represent a special action. Popular Escape Sequence in C Language. \n To change the line.\t For Tabbed space between two characters or string. Example 1: Both printf()…

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