Python – Variable

In this tutorial, we will learn about variables in Python. we will also discuss to define a variable, assign a value to variables in Python.

What is Variable:

  • In Python, variables are a memory location.
  • It can store values like numbers and text.
  • The value of a variable can be changed.
  • The variable is always assigned with the equal(=) sign.


y="Learn Python"

Python is a dynamically typed language, so, you need not to declare type of a variable.

Variable Assignment:

In Python, the variable assignment can be done by using equal(=) symbol. One or more values can assign in variables.

We can assign a single value to a variable.

#single value assignment in a variable

We can assign multiple values to a single variable.

#multiple values assignment in a variable

And we can assign multiple values to multiple variables.

#multiple values assignment in multiple variables

Rules for Naming Variables

  • The variable name can be a combination of letters, numbers, and underscore.
  • The first character of a variable name should not be a number, it must start with a character or underscore.
  • A variable name can have both uppercase and lowercase or a combination of both cases.
  • Variable name should not be a reserved keyword(predefined word in Python).
  • Name of the variable should be meaningful.

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Which of the following is not true about variables?

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You need not to declare a type of variable in python.

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Which of the following is correct for a variable assignment?

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Which of the following can be a variable name in python?

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